Gradebook Plus - Windows Edition can generate runtime errormessages under a couple of circumstances. Future versions willprevent these situations from occurring. If you encounter oneof these problems in v8.0.0, here are the workarounds:

Runtime Error 201 @ 001A:58B4 during"Enter A New Student"

This error occurs when you attempt to add an eleventh studentto a class. The error is caused by having a seating chart largerthan 10 rows or 10 columns. You can fix this problem by goingto "Change Class Setup" and specifying Maximum Rowsand Maximum Columns at ten or fewer each.

Runtime Error 201 @ 0009:20AA during"Statistics On Entries"

The error can be avoided by not using the "Round-off PctBefore Calculating Grade" option from the "Change ProgramSetup" dialog. You can achieve the same result by settinggrade cutoffs a half of a point lower. For example, instead of90, 80, 70, 60, use 89.5, 79.5, 69.5, and 59.5.

Runtime Error 201 @ 000D:07C6 while printingreports

The error occurs occassionally with some versions of WindowsXP. Contact EMA Software for a free upgrade.

Application Error @ 000E:29E0 when exitinga class containing no students

Gradebook Plus needs at least one student in a class. RerunGradebook Plus and select "Remove A Class" from theAlter Menu.

Installer program freezes while installingGradebook Plus

This is usually caused by a conflicting program running duringthe installation. Shut down Windows and restart your computerand try rerunning the installation program.

.Error message when trying to installor run Gradebook Plus

An error stating Windows can't run a 16-bit Windows based applicationoccurs occassionally with Windows XP. The error is caused by aproblem with Windows XP. The Microsoftsupport web site has a fix.