You may backup your data either as individual text files orin the "Gradebook Plus v7 Files" binary format. Backingup individual text files for each class (the recommended technique)has the advantage of increased flexibility and compatibility.Using the binary format is quicker to accomplish and often usedby teachers running the program on computers both at home andat school.

Each time you make significant modifications, don't forgetto backup your data. Many teachers make both types of backupsfor added safety. Before copying information to a new disk, thedisk needs to be formatted unless you purchased it preformatted.To format a disk, use the Erase Disk command found under the SpecialMenu in the Macintosh finder .


SAVE AS TEXT FILE and SET UP A NEWCLASS (with Import Scores)

Use Save As Text File to create a reliable copy of your classdata. This is a necessary step before the data can be transferredto a spreadsheet or charting program such as Excel or Works thataccepts text files. This process can also be used for transferringclass data from one teacher to another or to Gradebook Plus WindowsEdition. See chapter 7 in the manual for more details. Datasaved as text files needs to be brought back into Gradebook Plususing "Set Up A New Class".

To create a text file, open the class you wish to backup andthen select "Save As Text File" from the File Menu.You will then be asked to specify a name for the new text file.Either accept the default name or choose a name for the text file.Then click the Desktop button and select the floppy disk by double-clickingon its name in the list box. Finally, click the Save button.

To get class data saved as a text file back into GradebookPlus, select "Set Up A New Class" from the File Menu.Enter the Class Name as you would like it to appear on reportsand check the "Import Scores" box. Specify that thedata is in Gradebook Plus Format. When asked to specify the file,select the floppy disk on which the file is located and identifythe filename of the text file you created using "Save AsText File".



The "Gradebook Plus v7 Files" binary document containsan encoded version of all of your class data. The copying of thisfile is done by the Macintosh operating system without checkingthe validity of the data. The "Backup Class Files" and"Retrieve Class Files" options are grayed out in theFile Menu are they are there only for compatibility with the GradebookPlus Windows Edition user interface. These commands are not neededto backup and retrieve files in Gradebook Plus Macintosh Edition.

To backup class files on a Macintosh, first insert your backupdiskette into your disk drive. Then select the "GradebookPlus v7 Files" document on your hard disk. Drag the documentuntil it is on top of the icon for the floppy disk. If there isalready a backup copy of the class data on your floppy disk, youwill be asked if you want to replace it with the current version.

You will need to retrieve the data from the backup copy eitherbecause you are using the program in two locations, or you suspectthat the data on your hard disk is damaged because you are unableto open a class file. Be warned that retrieving class filesoverwrites all existing class files currently in your program.After retrieving the backup data, you may need to reenter anyinformation entered since you made the backup copy.

To retrieve the backup data from a floppy disk, select the"Gradebook Plus v7 Files" document on your floppy disk.Then drag the document until it is on top of the icon for thefolder that contains your Gradebook Plus program. You will beasked if you want to replace the older copy of the document withthe current version.