Welcome to Gradebook Plus. This program was designed by educatorsfor educators to provide a fast, easy-to-use grade keeping systemthat leaves the teacher with more time for working with students.If any questions ever arise about this product, feel free to write,call, or email E.M.A. Software.

You may run Gradebook Plus either from the demo disk, or aftercopying all of the files to a folder on your hard disk. To useGradebook Plus, simply turn on your computer, open the folderthat contains Gradebook Plus, and double click on the GradebookPlus v7.0 Demo program icon to start the program.

The Gradebook Plus program works roughly like this. When youbegin, the computer will need to be told which classes you wishto monitor, who the students are in those classes and how youwish to grade. This process is called "Setting Up a New Class".Once this is done, scores for each class may be entered, modifiedand displayed much more easily than in a manual gradebook. Ofcourse, each individual's grades must be entered at the keyboard,but Gradebook Plus makes this fast and easy. At any time, thegrades and reports may be displayed on the screen or printed.Not only are raw totals shown, but Gradebook Plus will automaticallycalculate many useful statistics on individual students, on classesas a whole and on individual assignments.

This is a full working version of Gradebook Plus with onlythe number of students per class (26 instead of 45) and the numberof entries per class for each grading period (7 instead of 90)being limited. Also, the ability to change the password, schoolname, and teacher name have been disabled in this demo. Includedwith this demo disk is a sample class that we have created namedPER. 7 GOVERNMENT.

To use the sample class that is provided, pull down the FileMenu and open the PER. 7 GOVERNMENT class. You can experimentwith any of the menu options such as changing the grading scaleor removing a student. Make any changes you wish as the sampleclass can always be reloaded into the program using the ImportScores option of Set Up A New Class for another demonstration.

After you have finished exploring the PER. 7 GOVERNMENT class,close the class and select "Set Up A New Class" fromthe File Menu. After naming your new class and selecting the options,we suggest entering four students to the class. Next, pull downthe Add Menu and select "Enter A Set Of Scores". Wesuggest entering two sets of scores. When entering the secondset of scores, pretend that a student was absent and type a "/"or "( )" to indicate a missing score. You may also chooseto exempt a student from the assignment by entering an "ex".Exempted scores cause the student to have a different number oftotal points possible than the rest of the class. A missing scoreis treated differently depending on whether you choose to gradeout of points attempted or points possible. After this data hasbeen entered try making changes by either typing directly intoa cell on the screen, or by using options from the Alter Menu.

Next try selecting various options from the Reports Menu usingeither the the PER. 7 GOVERNMENT class or the one you created.Some suggested reports to try are: Gradebook of Entire Class,Gradebook of Entire Class with Show Student ID Numbers, Sort byRank, and Show Selected Entry options, Individual Student Report,Individual Student Report with Missing Assignment Only option,Individual Student Report with Show Entries by Category and UseA Form Letter options, Statistics On Entries, and Group MakerReport.